Created and raised in Boise; now trying out a life that is new the borders of Wendell.

City Slicker to Country Bumpkin



Simply consider it along with its’ beady little eyes and it’s really hairy, germ infested body. DISGUSTING!

Since surviving in Wendell I’ve learned that these creatures that are nasty every-where. Everyone needs to deal with them. The further you escape into the country, a.k.a. where we live, the worse the nagging issue gets. The d r was left open for quite some time, allowing a mass quantity of these to get in on our first day in our new house. Carlos and I, being city folk didn’t come prepared for such an infestation. Therefore, that night, armed with shoebox lids as t ls, Carlos and I also did fight with the demons that are filthy. I probably killed between 30 or 40 flies that night. There have been nevertheless a number of across the next early morning. That Monday I became determined to rid my home that is new of germy monsters. Therefore, while out shopping, we purchased three fly strips to hold the house around. Spend of money! a month later and not one fly has landed on my fly strips. I ought to probably simply take them down. Individuals may think they are had by me up there for design.

Anyway, we did purchase two fly swatters t . These have turned out to be, as the Pokemon trainers say, “super effective.” Whoever invented the Prize. I don’t know why it works so much much better than anything else, but i will be grateful they do. Since obtaining a fly swatter we are becoming a fly killing ninja! I have developed my personal technique that is special destroying the suckers. One thing that makes me more vengeful than perhaps other things is finding two flies mating. “You think you will make a lot more of yourselves in my home!? I do not think so. . . Thwap!” They’re the easiest to destroy at these times. Slower. Plus you can get two for one. One other day i came across two within my bathr m into the throws of passion. I killed them within the work, and didn’t feel one bit bad about this.

Okay, enough of my ranting about flies. We shall say one more thing though. We’ve squeezed the fly situation in order, but they still be in. I might estimate I destroy 10 to 20 flies each day

Now you have to share spiders! Whoever has read my past Faceb k statuses understands that i will be not really a fan of spiders. We rather hate them. The difference between spiders and flies for me is i am scared being bit by spiders. Flies simply annoy the crap out of me. Both of them gross me down.

Nonetheless, since going to Wendell I have developed a brand new appreciation for spiders. They kill flies! There clearly was one who had built a web that is lovely the screen by the restr m. He had caught flies that are several I was extremely pleased. Then again one time I saw the spider himself, and it creeped me out, therefore I killed him. Possibly which was a little rash, but I really do hate spiders. Fortunately, i’ve seen very spiders that are few, nevertheless the people i’ve seen are BIG. My first spider encounter t k place the other morning once I found one in my own bathing tub. Perhaps Not fine. We killed him using the base of Carlos’ bath seat. I’ll avoid killing spiders with wc paper or anything else where i could feel their human anatomy squishing between my hands no matter what. *shudder*

Okay, listed here is a image story. See if you can determine what’s going on.

Okay. Did you figure it away? First off that is my cousin’s friend, Cassie. They came and visited us a few days after we relocated in. Cassie seemed up at the light within our family area and said “Oh, you’ve got such as for instance a spider egg sac up here.” I quickly declared “Finders keepers!” and made her care for it. Works out it had beenn’t a spider egg sac. It absolutely was a spider that is actual. However it was already dead. I think it crawled up there, made it self a tomb that is little and died. Anyhow, it still grossed me down. Carlos, Sarah and I were all huddling in corners. Props for your requirements Cassie to be so brave. )

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