Old phone is optional. Exact same internet protocol address spent some time working for me personally with a brand new phone # in a brand new country|country that is new}.

UODATE: utilizing a “new phone or old phone” won’t work. Used to do it with an old iPhone 7. airg is free Then I purposely bought and 11 inch iPad professional from Best purchase. I arrange it with a brand new Apple account, brand new e-mail, brand new contact number, utilizing VPN application, brand new photos brand new description yet It nevertheless did work that is n’t. Within six times of setting up the account it had been working and I also had been getting a matches that are few In addition had the gold circles towards the top left hand of this header. All of that disappeared and it was completely empty after the sixth day. It nevertheless didn’t work. Within six times of setting within the account it absolutely was working and I also ended up being getting a matches that are few In addition had the gold circles towards the top left hand for the header. All of that disappeared and it was completely empty after the sixth day.

“Using VPN application” had been your condition. They don’t work anymore. Ditto happened certainly to me year that is last. The reason why i would recommend making use of an old phone is that it is a pain to alter the Apple ID or Google Enjoy account e-mail in your primary phone.

It’s nothing in connection with a new phone . Tinder utilizes recognition that is facial. We used the phone that is same various quantity, and my buddy photo whom never utilized tinder, everything ended up being perfectly fine. I obtained significantly more than 30 match that day , and I also used to get at the very least 10 matches on a daily basis until We removed the account.

An phone that is old work or works just a few times. They record the internet protocol address address. Then the zero match algorithm will continue if it matches the one they have banned. We tried that currently with and without a vpn. As soon as your on a carrier without WiFi, they will have that internet protocol address. And you then log in to WiFi, vise versa. So an old phone won’t work. Used to do this multiple times. Only at that true point i threw in the towel and managed to move on.

this doesnt add up, they might risk banning your loved ones people by accident

We have one thing to include. After producing some records with figures from 5sim.net we finally identified that they have shadow prohibited me personally and discovered this informative article. To try it, we created a female profile from my 2nd phone (but that phone was already employed for another account that is banned, never ever activated my plus subscription, set the radius to at least and a particular age groups to help you to get my “man” profile. I became unsuccesful. Then luckly I came across my closest friend, sent truly the only super that way they issue in the beginning. When I called my buddy, (he’s a normal profile) he explained which he could just observe that ladies profile blurred, no superlikes. He additionally attempted to set the age/distance to help you to get that woman profile without any fortune. so no matter just what you will do, those fuckers will avoid you somehow from matching to anyone. you may inform that you’re shadow prohibited whenever you activate the boost. ordinarily the small hearts reveal photos of people that see you. You will only see colored hearts, but no pictures when you are shadow banned.

at this time i really believe that: 1- They identify Apple ID’s (use your monthly boost, delete that account, open a new one, ta-daa no brand new boosts) 2- They identify products 3- Disposable telephone numbers most likely are failing

Hey Mike, many thanks for the thorough reply and brand new information. I am hoping you reunite on prior to later on! Recently I got in on after a shadowban with similar backup that is old I experienced been utilizing. We agree with number 1 and number 3 on your own list. Utilizing the same Apple ID or Google Play ID whenever you subscribe automatically causes the shadowban. Yet another thing i do believe assists is enabling at the least a couple of months to pass (around 3) when you yourself have a shadowban problem that is continuous. Registering with an iPhone works more effectively than Android, have no idea why, however it’s worked better for me personally. All the best.

You install Tinder: regardless of the GDPR legislation, because of the paranoia of renewal/ relaxation of one’s account (nooboost during the very first account creation) or other people, to be certain if you delete your account and uninstall the application that you can only PAY, they keep in their data bases – this, even! :

(they are going to say no, don’t believe them, every thing happens to be tested! )

– The ID of the cell phone and all sorts of the knowledge you can’t alter such as for instance HW ID for the mobile, Num IMEI of your SIM card…) – Your photos, the name of these, plus the EXIF of those (their identity card) – They also use AWS recognition to help keep and locate that person – Your mobile number email that is-Your purchase ID -Your location -Your bank card datas, connected or perhaps not to your ID.

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